Once again, artists in the mid 1950’s and late 1950’s wanted to revolutionise and challenge the current artwork traditions.  Pop art emerged by the artists eliminating material from its perspective and separating the objective or merging it with other objects for viewing. One can definitely say that pop artists were highly influenced and associated their art work with the popular pop culture of that time.


sgtpepperAlbum covers were designed by these pop artists. A good example is that of Peter Blake who designed the graphics for bands such as the Beatles and Elvis Presley .In America graphic designers would add lots of items  juxtaposed together in their art works that were relevant to their modern culture in  sometimes random fashion as a statement  about their culture.

The main features of the art style are a limited range of strident colours mostly yellow red and blue and in contrat of the other styles they refer to world around them rather than the emotion felt by the artist.

In 1962 American pop artist Andy Warhol  (1962)represented his art work in a unique manner where he displayed his art portraying  multiple images of famous movie actors and  actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, and his infamous painting of the Campbell’s Soup cans.




Warhol was an introvert who preferred to let his works for him and left the interpretation of his art to the viewer.  He coined the phrase In the future everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes.

Today people seem to take this need to be famous by being as shocking and outstanding as possible in their graphic design to attract the attention of the public.  Nowadays media produce so many images which are so similar,  that they are constantly striving new ways and art forms to attract their audience’s attention.



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