Task 3 – Field Work


The graphics on this book greatly resembles the art movement of Psychedelia. The elongated typography and exaggerated curves twisted and melted into shapes look like hallucinations and psychotic behavior which I’d associate with the influence of psychedelics.



This typography seems like it was influenced by the Swiss Design as it is quite minimalistic and has use of sans-serif. The typography by itself makes for a great logo using this art movement as its influence as it keeps it simple and uncluttered with extra decorations. The Swiss Design promotes simplicity in graphics as they prefer functionality over aesthetics



The Pizza Hut typography seems like it is being influenced by the surreal art movement. The way the lines curve and seem like they might be melting off reminds me of the way Salvador Dali used to implement this movement in his art. The design also tries to mimic the building by including a semi recognizable hut on top which many might think is a red hat in a surrealistic way.



The typeface used in this advertisement has a strange feel to it. I find it similar to the Surrealism movement. It has a seemingly melting typography with rather exaggerated features in every letter.



This Lidl Design shows great influence off of De Stijl’s colour schemes. The typography also somewhat resembles De Stijl and also a little bit of cubism due to its square shape. It might also be a bit influenced by art deco as one can see the use of serif and blocky letters.


The Redline Design resembles Art Deco as its typography takes after the Broadway font. This can be seen in the geometrical shapes, strong curves and bold vertical lines this design has. This can be greatly compared to Art Deco’s thick base forms and filler lines typeface.



The typography and designs used in Jack Daniel’s products also seem to be influenced by Art Deco. It seems like it tries to imitate art deco’s use of harsh vertical lines and bold letters. We can also compare it to art deco through the use of metallic colours and the way certain letters’ have large curves.


This Piaza Italia Typeface can also be described as influenced by Art Deco. This can be seen in many characteristics presented in certain letters and the typography’s colouring. It’s once again using a metallic shade to its colour scheme as well as narrow and sans-serif lettering. The large curve in the letter ‘P’ and the thick base and filler lines in the letter ‘Z’ distinct this design to the Art Deco movement. This typeface could be easily compared to the Bernhard Fashion font.



This is a box with a design that greatly resembles Art Nouveau. It shows curvaceous images with plenty of floral and organic designs. The way the roots to the leaves and flowers curve seem to be influenced by this movement.


This typography is reminiscent to Art Nouveau. This is seen in the first letter of each word. The decorations are asymmetrical and take the form of flower stocks and flower buds. The curvaceous patterns and typeface suggest that it was influenced by this art movement.


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