Surrealism – Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was one of the oddest yet most creative and versatile artists of his time. He took over the surrealistic concept of art and made it his own. Through his long career he managed to successfully make well known paintings, sculptures, fashion and more into what one would believe to be surrealist. His style would be seen as the biting point of everything unreal and surrealistic. In his later work one could clearly see the hyper-realistic style and religious symbols manifested through his interest for classical and renaissance art in most of his famous paintings.


Salvador Dali was born in 1904 and lived up to 85 years which was around 1989. He was born and died in Figueras, Catalonia Spain. At the age of 10 he started experimenting with art where he displayed negative feelings towards family and friends. At the age of 17 he joined the Madrid School of Fine Arts and started experimenting with impressionism and pointillist styles. He quickly changed his viewsPersistence_of_Memory in art and continued to experiment with other styles such as cubism. Later on he met with André Breton, whom was quite an inspiration to Dali and his work. Thanks to Breton, Dali moved to Paris and joined the surrealists. For the next part of his life surrealism was motivation in art. His illustrations were depictions of paranoia and melancholy. He was very symbolic which reflected in his sexually and ethically shocking work.  ‘The Persistence of Memory’ (1931) is one very famous piece of work he has from that point in time. It depicts his fascination with decay and the properties of liquefied objects. He portrays the melting clocks as an unstable definition of his mortality as the passing years of his time left.


Dali was a huge influence on many modern artists as he fills the hole between realism and illusion. As one of the major surrealists who used juxtaposition and shock elements at their best to portray moments of desire, he impacted modern art to a great extent.




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