Print vs Screen

Both screen and printed media are commonly found around most parts of the world and they both contribute largely to our daily lives. All the information we need can be found through these types of media.

Creative Billboard (23)Printed media is one of the easiest ways to spread information and advertisements to the targeted audience as they can be found everywhere around us. I.e. billboards, magazines, flyers, newspapers and many more. Although this form of media might be more expensive, print is giving media a sensory type of experience letting creators have more freedom with creativity in their work.

Screen media is more cost effective then its print counterpart as it usually uses fewer resources. This can vary according to what kind of media is made and what equipment is needed but generally it is cheap to make and spread. Screen media doesn’t have to be duplicated countless times for the general audience to see as it can be displayed on every platform such as Televisions, PCs, mobile phones and tablets. Screen media exceeds print as it can form a moving image and can also be interactive thanks to technology nowadays