Raster vs Vector


rasterA raster image is a picture made out of a huge amount of pixels (one dot on a screen that represents one colour). Raster images are very commonly seen in our everyday life as these can vary from photos to many other pictures found in media created by programs for producing and editing raster files. A commonly used program to create such images would be Adobe Photoshop with file formats such as jpg/jpeg, psd, png, tiff, bmp and gif.




A vector image is a picture which doesn’t rely on pixels but relies on math to draw shapes using lines, curves and points. The computer will only need to record certain points of a vector image which then shapes it into an image by connecting the points with math. Vector graphic is more commonly used in logos and fonts. Illustrator would be a great example of editing software for such images.





Raster vs Vector images 

Both raster and vector images have their own cons and pros benefiting and obstructing images. The huge difference in between both type of images aid in creating the perfect images one need.

Raster images lose quality as the image scales up in size due to pixels being stretched, whereas vector images keep their high quality as only simple points are needed to create such images.

On the other hand Raster images can be edited very precisely as every pixel of colour can be modified one by one. Raster images can have a downfall when considering the huge file size it can turn out to be, however vector images tend to be small in size as only a few points of date to be recorded.vectorvsraster