Apple 1 Computer

appleiThe apple 1 was a revolutionary piece of technology for its time. Steve Wozniak the creator of said computer (both designed and hand-made) revolutionized the way we use computers nowadays. The apple 1 was released in 1976 and can be considered to be Apple’s first product.

Steve Wosniak was inspired to start developing the apple 1 after attending a meeting at the homebrew computer club. Steve Jobs helped his cause by managing to arrange 50 orders at $500 each. The apple 1 officially went on sale later in july 1976  at $666.66.

Apple 1 wasn’t the first computer to be produced, but was the first of its kind to use monitors and keyboards instead of the switches and the lights available with earlier units. Apple 1 could be considered to be the first ‘modern personal computer’ with 4k bytes of ram and and expandable to connect with most audio-grade cassette recorders. The apple 1 was the first try at modernizing the pc and making it user friendly.

Thanks to the success of the first apple pc, Steve Wozniak decided to work on the next apple product and eventually the company was improved and shared lots of success. apple-1-2-steves