Board games, board gaming and fulfilling a dream.

With the turn of the year, as most people are fumbling through their phones looking for an available taxi to go home from their highly sociable NYE party; my girlfriend, a good friend and me were at each others necks, chasing bargains and throwing dice, playing Monopoly.

Who the hell plays Monopoly on NYE!?

I mean, from all the cool, multi faceted board games available … why Monopoly?
Well, everyone knows the rules, easy to play and I have it on my PS4…but that’s beside the point. I couldn’t get my friends to play a more interesting game (Space Hulk, Descent etc etc), most common complaint being: too much rules to remember. So I’ve took it upon myself to create my own war game with simple mechanics, easy rules and hopefully not much to remember!

Therefore, to anyone reading these scribblings, please wish me luck and hopefully I keep this up and finish this bloody game by next year!