My idea for a board game

I can’t stand luck based games! I need to make my own decisions, if I’m going to lose, it has to be a result of my poor decisions not my dice rolls! (… but some randomness in a game is fun too!) Ok…well at least not solely decided by my dice rolls! (Payday I’m looking at you!)

diceHeavy rules! No one likes them. No one enjoys stopping a game to go through a thick manual to find one phrase that might give a hint of what to do in your particular condition. Also, I tend to forget to perform the phases, especially if a few drinks have been poured!

So this is my mission: create a board game that requires decision making (with a sprinkle of randomness), simple and short rules and a minimum number of phases (or NO phases if that’s possible!). 

Sounds easy enough…
(He murmured sarcastically…)