So here we go!

As I said in my last post, I want to create a game that is both tactical and simple. Not too rule heavy but with a selection of tactical options and some luck.

So let’s say you have two teams in a ring, and they have to DESTROY each other. Each team will be made up of 3 characters that you equip stuff to facilitate cardboard MURDER! Sounds too familiar? Don’t you worry your pretty little head 😉 we’ll add some tasty mechanics that will make this game stick out (hopefully not like a sore thumb).

boardSo having an arena implies there is going to be a board to play on (on the right, what do you think?), the teams have to be represented somehow, that means miniatures or something and cards! What kind of cards? (…the flat kind??) Weapon, trap and event cards if you please. We’re gonna have to layout and design all these.

Since I’ve started thinking about this game, I wanted three things to be present in the latter:

  1. An organic and visual timer that will provide tension and a way to finish the game.
  2. Some kind of deck building.
  3. A stealing mechanic!

In my next post I’ll talk about choosing a theme and go further in detail about the mechanics I just mentioned above.