Pandemic, the board game

Pandemic, the Board Game, a review…

The world is ravaged by deadly viruses and it is up to you and your buddies to scour the globe in search for cures and minimalise the contagion. No time for dilly dallying, as the clock is ticking.

Pandemic, the board game
Pandemic, the board game

So last year, after hearing stellar reviews from Shut down and Sit up, I thought I would be kinda funny and bought myself Pandemic the board game. Each player takes a role that would make them excel in one part of the game. Such as a dispatcher makes travel extremely efficient or a scientist could find a cure faster than other roles. This game requires the players to work together in co-op to find all the cures for the viruses, which would in turn end the game, resulting as a victory for the players.

I really like the quality and presentation of the game. The little colourful translucent virus cubes to the vibrant artwork on the cards, they fit perfectly in this unique theme.

This is no easy game! For some it might be a bit much to keep up with all the things going on at one time. Also it is purely co-operational, you’re either all winners or a bunch of losers (which is most probably the latter in first few rounds). If you have a bunch of friends who are into some jolly co-operation, you’re a luckier guy/gal than me, as for my social circle… someone has to lose and there has to be preferably one winner, if fun is to be had!

Still a very fun game, that goes for dirt cheap. I would recommend buying this if you come across it even if you’re not sure whom you’re going to play it with.

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